Conference program


Amazon Game Services: End-to-End Solutions for Developers

Monday 14th

Categories: sponsored By: Dan Winters, Amazon

Learn about the products and services Amazon is offering to game developers, and is using for their own games. Get an overview of Amazon’s free cross-platform AAA game engine Lumberyard, scaling multiplayer games with GameLift, developing for scale with Amazon Web Services, developing games for the Twitch community, and more.

Lara Croft GO-EugeneDarvis-web

Animating Lara Croft GO

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Eugene Jarvis, Square Enix Montreal

We’’ll explore the learnings from a character artist and animator with over 19 years of experience in the industry. We’ll cover specifically how to come up with minimalistic reinterpretations of very iconic animations from modeling to animating when faced with very strict technical and creative constraints in the context of Hitman GO and Lara Croft […]


Are you ready for the future? A look inside VR from a video game perspective

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Live demo By: Mathieu Lachance, Babel Media

Humoristic and participative presentation of all the issues our teams have faced with the new VR technology. The presentation runs in the form of a quiz where all of the audience participate. There are surprises and jokes here and there, but each point raised oversees challenges we’ve faced and how not to repeat the same […]

Mateusz Lenart_MIGS-web

Art Directing and graphic techniques used in Layers of Fear

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Mateusz Lenart, Bloober Team SA

The speech will focus on art direction – finding a theme, working on the idea and how to create a consistent world. I will show what was the artistic process behind creating Layers of Fear. The use of a modular system, how we incorporated shaders, what special effects we used and why, and finally how […]



Tuesday 15th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Whitney Clayton, Compulsion Games

Whitney will give an overview on how the setting and artistic style of We Happy Few, the 1960s dystopian drug paradise created by Compulsion Games, came to be. She will cover pre-production research, world building, and production challenges, with the ultimately goal of talking about how to make a procedural world more interesting than those […]


Asia: Insights & Strategies for Mobile Game Developers

Mardi 15

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Josh Burns, Indépendant

With the Asia mobile games market close to surpassing the “West,” developers have tremendous opportunity in this region but also face a great deal of complexity. This session will leverage market data and best practices from game developers to cover: an overview of key Asian markets, the complexities and differences between these markets, and their […]

Authored vs Systemic-web

Authored vs. Systemic: Finding a Balance for Combat A.I. in Uncharted 4

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Design By: Matthew Gallant, Naughty Dog

Combat in the Uncharted series has historically been tightly authored by the design team. This approach was unsuited for the wide-linear combat of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, so we began developing a more systems-focused approach to artificial intelligence. After oversteering in that direction, we eventually found a balance between authored content and systemic behaviours. […]


Automating your Art : How to Work Better, Faster

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Marie-Christine Marineau, Squeeze Studio Animation

With technologies constantly evolving, players expect video games to always be bigger, bolder and more beautiful. How is this achievable while not necessarily having more time or bigger teams? Some of the tasks that were usually all done manually can be automated. This presentation will be an overview of how creating automation tools can help […]


Breaking into VR: The Story & The Game

Monday 14th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Joshua Manricks, Secret Location Stefan Grambart, Secret Location

Over the past 3 years Stefan and Joshua have been working on two very different VR properties; a room-scale FPS built for the Vive, and a hybrid TV/Web/VR short-form series launching this fall on the Rift and GearVR. Both speakers have learned a lot about what VR is, what it isn’t and what it can be. Josh, […]


Building a sustainable indie studio

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Lulu Lamer, Funomena

Many discussions of sustainable culture in games start and end with crunch time. Beyond the basics of fair pay and affording employees’ work-life fit, how can we create a development environment that’s collaborative, growth-focused, and fulfilling to employees? This session will provide practical suggestions to cultivate a sustainable work environment and address how the culture […]


Building a Universe – Procedural Generation in No Man’s Sky – CANCELLED

Monday 14th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Innes McKendrick, Hello Games

From animation, to terrain generation, to texture synthesis, procedural generation has numerous applications in modern games. But how do you structure a project around it? How do you design, evaluate and iterate on procedural generation techniques? How can programmers help artists create varied and diverse content? Looking across the development of No Man’s Sky, this […]


Building Mixed Reality Experiences for Microsoft HoloLens

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Mickey MacDonald, Microsoft

Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with your world in a whole new way. In this talk, we will cover some key aspects of the HoloLens device and how it powers these amazing experiences. We will discuss the considerations of building mixed reality experiences, walk through the workflow, […]


Building Strong Code Through Patterns

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Mickey MacDonald, Microsoft

Building strong, extensible code is the goal for most developers. Lately in the rush to get products shipped, it seems that more and more we are relying on code that is pieced together so it “just works”. Using programming patterns are key to breaking that cycle and creating better, more manageable code. In this talk, […]


Building Wellington Wells: How we procedurally generate the world of We Happy Few

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Matt Robinson, Compulsion Games

We Happy Few is a survival game set in the fictional village of Wellington Wells built with Unreal Engine 4. The world of the game is procedurally generated each time the player starts a new game. In this talk we will cover how we build an intricate and dense urban environment as well as many […]


Building Your First Game with Amazon Lumberyard’s Engine & Tools

Monday 14th

Categories: sponsored By: Kevin Ashman, Amazon

This session will give you an insider’s view of the game technologies and services we’re building at Amazon. We will introduce the features and major game systems of Lumberyard, Amazon’s free cross-platform 3D game engine. You will learn how to import content into your game project, use our modular components system to add life to […]


Community Management: Learning By Doing

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Astrid Rosemarin, Execution Labs Justin Kruger, Ubisoft Montreal Laurent Mercure, Chainsawesome Nicolas Bertrand-Verge, Square Enix Montreal

The job being relatively new, Community Managers often learn their craft by experimentation. A panel of CMs, from indie and AAA studios, hosted by Nicolas Verge from Square Enix Montreal, will go through each panelist’s learnings & experiences while trying to define their role in our ever evolving industry. Key messages: Define the role of […]


Connected Reality: Bringing the World of IoT (internet of Things) to Mobile Games

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Neil Haldar, IceJam

In this presentation Stu will discuss challenges of constantly creating new content in a f2p world builder and how the use of real world data can be used to provide context aware, constantly changing, self notifying f2p games. Learn how Connected Reality will change the way we make and play f2p mobile games.


Connection and inspiration between fiction and nonfiction

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Andre Vu, Eidos-Montreal Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat chez VentureBeat Jonathan Morin, Ubisoft Montreal Sebastian Alvarado, Thwacke

Connection and inspiration between fiction and nonfiction, how new technologies are augmenting the human game player’s experience, from AR, to VR and more. Moderator: Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat Panelist: Sebastian Alvarado – Thwacke Jonathan Morin – Ubisoft Montreal Andre Vu – Eidos Montreal


Cracking the Code: Strategies for Leveraging Influence and Building Fan Engagement

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Ghislain de Pessemier, Outerminds Sarah Wick, Revelmode

Join Ghislain “Guiz” de Pessemier, Co-Founder and Head of Community at Outerminds – the indie game studio responsible for PewDiePie’s Legend of the Brofist and most recently, #1 selling app PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, and Sarah Wick, General Manager, Revelmode, and one of Variety’s 2016 New Leaders in Digital , as they share best practices for cultivating organic relationships with […]


Creating the UI for Batman: Arkham VR – A tale of how my experience didn’t help me at all

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Atanas Raykov, Rocksteady

Creating a UI for a brand new technology is always challenging. Creating a UI for an established brand in a new city working for a new company is even more challenging. This talks focuses on how we approached those challenges and how my previous experience was source of great achievements and source for even greater […]


Demystifying Music: Music as an Opportunity for Digital Projects

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Allison Outhit, FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) David Hayman, SUPERGROUP SONIC BRANDING CO. Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon, Éditions Dare to Care Ryhna Thompson, Industries créatives et artistiques Sam Abbott, Compulsion Games

Should music be a first or last thought when creating a digital project? Why is music important when considering the complete package? This panel will discuss the benefit and opportunity of music in games and interactive media. Panelists will demystify the music licensing process, discuss the pros of working with Canadian artists to compose original […]


Design Constraints in Narrative Exploration Games

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Nels Anderson, Campo Santo

The so-called “walking simulator” genre defies many typical game design conventions. Well-understood design techniques cannot be applied in the same way when developing games with a focus on exploration and narrative. Nels will discuss how the constraints of Firewatch’s premise reached much further than imagined and how the team addressed these challenges as well as […]


Dialog Systems in Double Fine Games

Monday 14th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Anna Kipnis, Double Fine Productions

You might have toyed with the idea of having recorded dialog in your game and wondered what, exactly, that would entail. In this session Anna Kipnis, senior gameplay programmer at Double Fine, will give a broad overview of how dialog gets into a Double Fine game, from the moment a line is written to hearing […]

CarlosYusimconf web

DIY: Prototyping Interactive Audio Systems

Monday 14th

Categories: Audio By: Carlos Yusim, Ubisoft Toronto

When creating new audio systems, video game sound designers have to consider the multiple contexts in which the numerous sound elements would be part of. Will they dynamically change? How do they interact with each other? Is the system’s scope global or a one-off feature? Prototyping is a useful method to start addressing these questions […]


Embracing narrative and player experience with user interfaces

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Rebecca Cohen-Palacios, Ubisoft Montreal

How can UI design enhance the stories our games tell and player immersion? Does bad UI present a hidden cost? What does incorporating accessibility through UI mean to our players’ experiences? Using hands-on examples, we’ll see how user interfaces can be so much more than critical messages, popups, menus, and mundane vessels for information.

Environmental music-web

Environmental music, the next step for interactive scoring?

Monday 14th

Categories: Audio By: Olivier Deriviere, Ameo Prod Inc.

This talk will explore and demonstrate how music can be merged in the full audio experience and not only as an external layer, either you are on in a 2D experience or VR. Based on my recent work on Get Even (Bandai Namco) using Wwise and 3D audio, we will step into the future of […]


Evolution of monetization on full priced AAA

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Isabelle Mocquard, Riot Games

Rainbow Six Siege, Halo 5, Overwatch, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, Evolve (at launch); what all these games have in common is their business models: they are full priced games with post launch microtransactions. And what they all also have in common is that they are AAA high end productions built to be operated […]


Expertise and roles of senior videogame artists: An exploratory study

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Dave Hawey, UQAC - École NAD

Art profession in videogame industry has still received little attention from research community. More than ever, this creative profession faces challenges and issues imposed by a complex and fast evolutive industrial context. Based on interviews and participatory observations from senior artists, we wish to get a better understanding of their practice. Results and analysis showed […]

Fonds des médias du Canada

Finance the VR of tomorrow presented by the CMF

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Dorian Kieken, Minority Media Inc. Pierre Blaizeau, Ubisoft Entertainment Stéphane Cosentino, FMC | Telefilm Canada Vincent Martel, Frima

Having now a complete landscape of the VR hardware, covering both mobile and high-end giants, the new medium came to a major milestone. We would like to take the audience through the pillars that emerged out of the past rounds of VR experiences and open to new challenges. Granted the presence of two major projects […]


Find Your Niche – How Indies Can Thrive in f2p Mobile

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Samir El Agili, Tilting Point

Small to mid-size developers should focus on niche game themes and apply them to proven gameplay mechanics. While the big are still getting bigger and taking a larger percentage of the pie, there is still a market at the bottom. There is profitability at $1MM to $5MM in revenue (even less). Developers tend to think […]


Gameception: Proposition on a efficient creation pipeline

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Sebastien Ebacher, Ubisoft Montreal

Is it possible to structure a creative process to make it more efficient? Could the most efficient way to do a video game, prove to be the most fun as well? The high level of complexity, originality, innovation and inter-dependency makes video games a veritable hell to develop in a simple and structured way. Managing […]


Gaming’s Gold Rush

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Adam Boyes, Iron Galaxy Studios

How record breaking console sales, VR & AR’s emergence & proliferation of PC gaming has led to the Golden Age of Game Development. In 1896, tens of thousands of passionate prospectors scurried to the West Coast of Canada to make their dreams come true in the Gold Rush. In 2016, tens of thousands of development […]


Get It Done: Tactics and Strategies for Better Small Team Game Project Management

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Henry Faber, Gamma Space Collaborative Studios (formerly Bento Miso)

From post-game jam kickstarted enthusiasm, to weathering the “indiepocalypse” while in mid-production, indie game teams have never faced higher opportunities and risks. And while the tools to create and event manage these projects have become more plentiful, the process and roles employed to get it done still escape a lot of teams. But what if […]

Giant Cop Narrative Open World Design in VR-web

Giant Cop: Narrative Open World Design in VR

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Marc McGinley, Other Ocean Interactive

Giant Cop: Justice Above All is unlike any other VR game with a massive open world to explore in “room-scale” a mission based structure and a story told through political satire. Not forgetting the fact that you play as a 200ft tall giant! Breaking new ground in so many territories has lead to lots of […]


Guerilla playtesting for indie studios: lessons in playtesting your games

Monday 14th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Pejman Mirza-Babaei, Execution Labs

Formal playtesting sessions are becoming more integrated into game development cycles. However, conducting these sessions is not always feasible or affordable for smaller independent game studios, as they often require specialised equipment and expertise. In this talk, Pejman will provide guidelines for how small studios with low budgets can benefit from playtesting their games. Using recent, […]


How to get your dream job

Monday 14th

Categories: Live demo By: Catherine Duhaime, Espresso-Jobs Marie-Ève Tanguay, Triple Boris Mathieu Foran, Hibernum Créations Mathieu Landes, Hibernum Simon Dansereau, Triple Boris

Finding the best candidate and the best employer is a critical issue for everybody. We all know the recruitment process ain’t easy! The panelists will share their experience, as recruiters and job seekers, and will share their best tips and expectations from the candidates. Panelists  Mathieu Foran, Director, Talent Acquisition (Hibernum) Mathieu Landes, Studio Game Director […]


How to make a game in a day

Monday 14th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Fernando Serboncini, Google

During this session Fernando will talk about prototyping games, understanding core mechanics and breaking them down into quick coding and design habits. We will also cover how interaction mechanics are a good way to think about game prototypes. The objective of the session is to talk about how to make games quicker.


How to Work with Diversity

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Alice Ching, Funomena

Diversity is a hotly discussed topic right now, and as an industry we are starting to see a lot of changes to be more inclusive. But it is not without its challenges. While diversity boosts the performance of teams, there can be more friction and conflict between team members. This is especially evident in cross-disciplinary […]


HR Power Panel

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Isabelle Tremblay, Studios (SEE) chez Square Enix Jillian Mood, IGDA & Jillian Mood & Partners Kim Pasquin, Nvizzio Creations Inc. Lidi Giroux, East Side Games Mathieu Foran, Hibernum Créations

Get ready for an HR Power Panel. Heads of HR from top gaming companies (indie up to large AAA) will focus on cutting edge topics & initiatives in all things Human Resources. Calling all HR, studio and team leads to get advice on motivating staff, cultivating a positive culture, and attracting and keeping talent. On the […]

Benoit Alary-session-web

Immersive Reverberation and the Art of Mixing for Virtual Acoustic Spaces

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Audio By: Benoit Alary, Audiokinetic

With the resurgence of interest in spatial audio, the quest for immersion continues through the development of sound propagation algorithms. Since these simulations can utilize the game’s geometry, new workflow paradigms are required to maintain the creative control of classic reverberation techniques. This presentation will provide an overview of the current trends in virtual acoustics […]


Indies and Micro-Publishers

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Saleem Dabbous, KO_OP

Micro-publishers are a recent development in the world of game making. My talk will focus on what they are, how they work, and why they’re interesting for small teams. Based on our studio’s experience with Double Fine Presents and interviews with both indie game developers and people running publishing initiatives, my talk will go through […]

Indies Versus Evil

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Steve Escalante, Versus Evil

Lessons learned and key things to remember when marketing and promoting your indie game.  Now in its third year of publishing indie games across a variety of genres, Steve Escalante, founder and General Manager of indie publisher Versus Evil, will give insight into what works, what didn’t, and what to watch out for when bringing […]


Informant diegetic audio in game design

Monday 14th

Categories: Audio By: Bjørn Jacobsen, Io-Interactive

Using sound as a core information in game design can be crucial to the player experience, not only as a tool for increased immersion, but also as a communicant of information between game and player. Allowing players to listen for changes in the music and sound design or using sound as a direct informant of […]


Integrating 3rd-Party SDKs into UE4

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Gerke Max Preussner, Epic Games Zak Parrish, Epic Games

Have you ever wanted to add custom hardware features to your Unreal games? Ever thought about integrating third-party SDKs into your project? In this session, users will see the proper way to bring third-party functionality into Unreal Engine 4 by writing their own custom plugins! For this session, we will show how to bring Logitech’s […]


Join the Ride: Systemic Vehicles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Monday 14th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Bartlomiej Waszak, Ubisoft Québec Dave Tremblay, Ubisoft Quebec

In this session, we will explore the world of carriages and trains created in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The presentation will cover the details of road and rail networks, vehicles lifetime management, traffic simulation, trains scheduling and AI navigation. We will present specific solutions to problems like: How to prevent traffic jam? How to fill the […]


Keep it 100 – What is authentic game design?

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Design By: Joey Lapegna, Disruptor Beam Inc.

Players are searching for authentic experiences that require an unflinching dedication to a vision. Joey Lapegna offers a definition of authenticity in the eyes of the player, the value of incorporating it into your development process, and the challenges faced by Disruptor Beam when trying to create authentic free-to-play games based on popular IP licenses.


Lumberyard Cloud Connected Game Development with GameLift, Cloud Canvas, AWS C++ SDK, and Twitch

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Kevin Ashman, Amazon

Amazon provides an end-to-end technology platform for building deeply connected and highly social gaming experiences. From GameLift, an AWS managed service offering dedicated game servers, through Cloud Canvas, a feature of the Lumberyard game engine connecting developers to cloud features with a visual scripting language, to Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community […]


Machine Learning, Games, and You

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Audio By: Wolff Dobson, Google, Inc

What can machine learning actually do for your game? In this talk, I’ll discuss the matches (and mismatches) between research and the realities of publishing games. I’ll introduce TensorFlow — an open source machine learning library — in a game-developer friendly way, and look to the future of where machine learning can help developers create […]

Magic Puzzle Quest-web

Magic The Gathering: Tools of the (live-ops) trade

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Benjamin Paquette, Hibernum

From its inception, Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest demanded systems & tools that would be extremely robust and flexible. We knew we were dealing with the Card game of card games, and fusing it in the most innovative and respectful way possible was essential so fans old and new alike would have a comprehensive, […]


Making of Quantum Break: The Game Is About the Heroes – The Show Is About the Villains

Monday 14th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Thomas Puha, Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment has been making games for 20 years, and it has always played around with live action in its games. Our latest game Quantum Break is a third-person cinematic action game that includes a full live action show that is shaped by the player’s actions. Quantum Break was by far the biggest production Remedy […]


Making the Sharpest Game Audio Tools in the Shed

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Audio By: RJ Mattingly, PopCap

Audio tools come in different shapes and sizes, but you don’t need a AAA team to start making them work for you! Tools and automated processes can save time and increase project stability, both aspects which can greatly benefit smaller teams strapped for engineering support. This talk will theorize what makes a good tool or […]


Managing Emergence For City Life AI In Watch Dogs 2

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Design By: Roxanne Blouin-Payer, Ubisoft

Watch Dogs 2 is all about hacking into people’s life. But how to make these people feel real and interesting? This talk is about creating and managing systemic AI emergence in an open world game. Using mood and personality systems, we managed to create truly unique San Francisco citizens for the player to mess with. […]


Market Leading Strategies from Playtika Montreal

Monday 14th

Categories: Live demo By: Harry Bienenstock, Playtika

Playtika Montreal, makers of WSOP, the #1 downloaded free poker app, share their market leading strategies from platforms, live operations and acquisition channels. They’ll also showcase why they are one of the most creative and fun places to work at in the city. Playtika is currently one of the most successful mobile gaming companies in the world.


MIGS Brain Dump 2016: What No One Tells You

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Sessions By: Adam Boyes, Iron Galaxy Studios Aleissia Laidacker, Ubisoft Montreal Anna Kipnis, Double Fine Productions David Calvo, Playmind Jason kim, Cardboard Utopia Jill Murray, Discoglobe Interactive Richard Dansky, Ubisoft/Red Storm Richard Rouse III, Paranoid Productions Steve Escalante, Versus Evil

The MIGS Brain Dump is back for 2016!  This fast paced and irreverent set of five minute talks give eight accomplished game developers exactly enough time to present an impassioned talk that fits within this year’s theme, “What No One Tells You.”  Everyone knows about the harsh realities of schedules and crunch and the marketplace, […]

Military Science For Game Designers-web

Military Science For Game Designers

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: David Baron, Nerdtron Interactive

This presentation will focus on exposing the correlations between military science and game design. David will showcase the reasons he believes that modern level designers should study military science by presenting how he uses them in his own work, including on AAA production, especially when designing open world missions.


Minimising control, maximising risks – Supercell’s approach to games development

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Timur Haussila, Supercell

Since its founding in 2010, Finnish mobile games developer Supercell has released only four games – Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale. All have been huge hits, topping the global charts for both iOS and Google Play for months, and in some cases years, after their initial launch. In this session, Timur Haussila, the game […]


Modern Game Development with Favro

Monday 14th

Categories: Live demo By: Jon Leslie, Hansoft

The most successful game studios are the ones that are faster to react to change in the hyper competitive games industry.  They change continuously and develop organically, more like a living organism than a static machine. Favro enables them to organize themselves and their way of working together, without getting in the way of the […]


Move your ideas into the HoloDeck

Monday 14th

Categories: sponsored By: Ryan Peterson, Finger Food Studio

People need to get out of their office and into the world and start thinking big about AR and VR experiences. I will then focus on building large scale interactive AR experiences.


NVIDIA Indie Spotlight

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Michael Herauf, NVIDIA

Are you an indie game developer?  Does your indie game need more exposure?  Michael Herauf will discuss the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program, NVIDIA’s new indie game developer program.  Learn how you can work with NVIDIA to increase exposure for your indie game.

StarCitizen_OrganizationsLogo-turbulent web

Open Development: Engaging Your Community

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Benoit Beausejour, Turbulent Inc. John Erskine, Cloud Imperium Games

As a game creator, your focus is to produce an awesome experience for your fans but when should you start to face questions about distribution, marketing & promotion, and community development? How will your fans consume and react to your game? What will be the impact on your operations, on your organisation, and most of […]

Filling A Game World-web

Open World Gameplay in Watch Dogs 2

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Design By: Falko Poiker, Ubisoft Montreal Pierre Tremblay, Ubisoft

When creating a large game world, such as the San Francisco Bay Area in Watchdogs 2, the world designer’s challenge is to properly reproduce the setting of the game, and also ensure there are enough activities to keep player engaged. Often, reality must be distorted to better support gameplay. Falko and Pierre will discuss various […]


Optimization and coding best practices in Unity

Monday 14th

Categories: sponsored By: Francis Duranceau, Unity Technologies

This talk will show you the use of different tools to identify performance issues in your game and cover some scripting best practices and other various configuration settings to help you avoid the typical performance bottlenecks. We will also cover some design patterns using ScriptableObjects. After this presentation, you will able to: Identify relevant optimizations, […]


Optimizing Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin for Playstation VR

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Aaron Jacobs, Double Fine Productions

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is Double Fine’s first adventure into the world of virtual reality and their inaugural use of the Unreal 4 engine. This presentation covers the details of how Double Fine was able to produce a game with clear artistic vision and impressive visuals, while at the same time rendering at […]

AlThumm web

Pallas of Vines: a revolutionary performance game pioneering player-creation of original music in performance-based gameplay

Monday 14th

Categories: Audio By: Alexander Thumm, Lamplight Forest

This presentation will discuss and demonstrate in-depth examples of the free-form musical performance capabilities of the game Pallas of Vines. This includes player-controlled samplemanipulation, granular-sampling, polyphonic synthesis, creation and control of DSP effects chains, realtime MIDI mapping, and much more.

AndrewHamilton_PresentationImage web

Photogrammetry and Star Wars: Battlefront

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Andrew Hamilton, DICE

Photogrammetry has gained a lot of traction within the Games Industry in recent years. At DICE, this technique was first used on Battlefield 3, however they fully embraced the technology and workflow for Star Wars: Battlefront. This talk will cover their research and development, planning and production, techniques, key takeaways and plans for the future. […]


Player agency, Mods and Glitch

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Design By: Yifat Shaik, Sheridan College/York University/OCAD

The talk will explore how the use game glitches, mods and cheats are used by players as means of self-expression and to increase their control over the game world. It will specifically try to explore how underrepresented group have or can use those too create an alternative way to play and create games and to […]


Players are people too

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Jacob Van Rooyen, Big Viking Games

This will be a discussion of remembering the importance of the human side of game play, and how to take feedback from your players, use it to make better decisions, and drive forward the financial success of your title. At Big Viking, we have invested significant time and effort into creating and maintaining relationships with […]


Plusing story through animation (Animation Secrets)

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Richard Arroyo,

Director, animator and educator Richard Arroyo (Thor, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia) will examine the creative process and best practices for “thinking” about animation while you create it. Using unique animation clips, methods and demonstrations, he’’ll guide you through various theories and processes for leaving a lasting impression on the audience. He’’ll reveal methods for animators […]


PopcornFX to UE4 Live Demo: Take your effects to the next level

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Live demo By: Loriane Kevin, Popcorn FX Xavier Bourdages-Pageau, Playmind

Today, in order to follow the high quality of the productions, visual effects need to be visually as well as technically enhanced. We will show use some tricks we use to easily make an optimized, realistic and customizable effect.


Procedural Game Audio with Pure Data

Tuesday 15th

By: Leonard J. Paul,

Advanced forms of real-time audio synthesis, effects and game audio AI are becoming more common as platforms become more powerful. Pure Data is an accessible way for game audio designers to harness the power of procedural audio in games using libPd, the Heavy compiler and other methods. Detailed examples of generative music, procedural sound design […]


Producing New Game IP

Mardi 15

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Sergei Savchenko, WB Games Montreal Inc.

New game IP development is a highly risky enterprise with multiple inherent creative and production risks. It is also one of most rewarding experiences in the industry. The talk focuses on specific leadership and management techniques to use when developing new video game properties from very small to very large. The presentation is based on […]


Publishing Agreements

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Carlos Martin, Seat 7 Entertainment

In “Publishing Agreements”, Carlos Martin will discuss considerations for video game publishing and distribution agreements. Topics covered will include product planning, product evaluation, business analysis, negotiation, IP rights, financial considerations, among others.


Quantum Break: Merging game and film

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Stobe Harju, Quantum Break by Remedy Games & Microsoft Studios

Merging live action film elements and game to form a single story can be tricky. Stobe Harju takes you on a tour into the world of Quantum Break, by Microsoft Studios and Remedy Games and shows you a new angle to this very ambitious film and game merging title. The focus is on the biggest […]


Rendered Emotions

Monday 14th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Mohannad Al-Khatib, Artifact 5 Ramy Daghstani, Artifact 5

Surreal mechanics and visual effects are great for “wow” factor, but in Anamorphine we use them to reinforce the narrative and reflect the emotional state of the characters through the environment. We’re being literally figurative, telling a story by actually representing the mind of our character for players to spatially explore. We will explain how […]

Saber's Edge-web

Saber’s Edge: The tumultuous road to hard launching a F2P game

Monday 14th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Louis-René Auclair, Hibernum

From it’s first iteration on the Amazon Fire Phone and Kindle, Saber’s Edge has been a labour of love. The game went through multiple changes, some caused by the product ownership and a lot by the user feedback in Soft Launch. After 18 months of re-work, the game is now live and reaping the rewards […]



Sunday 13th

Categories: Live demo By: Andréanne Drolet, Tuque Games

Frequency is an emotional and immersive experience through a surreal world which unite sound and image. This is a musical journey of a fictional musical instrument highlighting contrasts of scale, colors and lights and playing the melody that supports strong and vibrant feelings. This project studies which was achieved as part of a degree in […]


Sparse Voxel Octree usage in game development: possibilities and challenges

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Szymon Jabłoński, 11 bit studios

Voxel representations and rendering algorithms are one of the most extensively studied subjects in the field of computer graphics. For many years, voxels have been used in the visualization and analysis of medical and scientific data. However, because of high memory consumption and rendering complexity, their usage was limited to non-real-time graphics engines. Thanks to […]


Stories: The Path of Destinies. 90 choices 25 endings, one soundtrack

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Audio By: François-Xavier Dupas, Vibe Avenue Mathieu Lavoie, Vibe Avenue

Translation coming soon. Thank you for your patience.


The Impact of Great Technology on Player Engagement

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Jeff Howell, Kabam Inc.

To be successful in the mobile free-to-play space, developers need to not only attract users, but retain them for as long as possible. In this presentation Kabam’s Chief Technology Officer Jeff Howell will dive into Kabam’s focus on “the regulars,” the top segment of gamers who engage with the company’s top titles every single day […]

The journey from AAA to mobile-web

The Journey from AAA Animation to Mobile: Animation Efficiency

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Visual Arts By: Jonathan Abenhaim, Ludia

Part 1 In this session, Jonathan will do a live demo: Creating few of the key Dragon animations for the game starting with a Dragon Fly Cycle  Giving our Dragons personality: Transforming an idle from dull to awesome! Part 2 – Followed by a discussion on the following topics: Animating for mobile vs console Tips […]


The Kool-Aid Man Effect: How Full Destructibility Impacts All Design

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Hugh Monahan, Stellar Jockeys, LLC

Taking a single guiding principle to an extreme can provide unique advantages and challenges to production. For Brigador we built the engine and gameplay around one thing, destructibility. This talk will examine how that approach affected development via anecdotes and a broader retrospective on the game. Listeners should come away with the pros and cons […]


The Real Costs of “Crunch Time”

Monday 14th

Categories: Production/Project Management By: Joey Lapegna, Disruptor Beam Inc. Kate Edwards, International Game Developers Association Richard Rouse III, Paranoid Productions Tanya Short, Kitfox Games

For decades now, one key assumption about working in the game industry is that an individual will work long hours and for weeks on end, as their passion for making games is leveraged to the extreme by companies aiming to release the best game possible. However, the reality is that “crunch time” isn’t an effective […]

The Rise and Rise of Idle Games web

The Rise and Rise of Idle Games

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Anthony Pecorella, Kongregate

Continuing my series of popular and highly-rated talks on the genre, this iteration will examine the newest trends and successes for idle games. We’ll look at their impact on browser and mobile games, how they fit into the free-to-play IAP ecosystem, best-practices for opt-in ad monetization, and what direction they are likely heading next. We’ll […]


Thinking Before Acting: AI Planning in Games

Monday 14th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Evan Hahn, Snowed In Studios

The more complex and open ended your game is, the harder it becomes to consider every possibility that your AI will need to handle. AI Planners alleviate the need to consider everything. Given a goal, they can figure out a series of actions that will achieve it. This can empower your agents to solve their […]

Two Hat -web

Trolls: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Monday 14th

Categories: Live demo By: Chris Priebe, Two Hat Security / CommunitySift

A healthy online community is awesome for user retention, so how can we make our communities better? According to Riot Game, toxicity makes users 320% more likely to quit. It is time we investigated that phrase “Love the game, hate the community!”. Find out what we learned from analyzing billions of chat messages and see […]


Unreal Engine 101

Monday 14th

Categories: sponsored By: Luis Cataldi, Epic Games

This Introduction to Unreal Engine has been designed to help those coming from other game engines, 3D content creation, and 2D rendering tools to transition their knowledge and skills to the power and beauty of UE4.  In this quick hour, we will learn to manipulate features within UE4’s render, post processing systems, lighting and material […]

crytek_vr web

VR and the rising role of Procedural Animation

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Ali Helmy, Crytek GmbH

VR is an experience that presents entirely new challenges. Character animation in particular requires developers to take a step back and think about how to provide the player with the same precision, freedom of movement and responsiveness that are all essential for immersion in VR.


VR: Why people suddenly care about audio?

Monday 14th

Categories: Audio By: Eloi Champagne, National Film Board of Canada Matt Boerum, Audible Reality, Inc. Maximilien Simard Poirier, RETROFORCE9000 Sam Girardin, Game On Simon Ashby, Audiokinetic

After only a few years of experimentation, its undeniably apparent now that virtual reality games, movies or experiences have their own unique set of technical and artistic requirements. So how did this come to be? How did we tackle our first VR projects? What have we learned and what do we expect from the tools […]


We built a VR game and the horse carriage that goes with it

Monday 14th

Categories: Programming-Technology By: Marc-André Girard, Frima Simon Ampleman, Frima Studio

Frima jumps “all-in” into VR to create Fated and target the release of the 3 major HMD to boot. We also decided to create an interactive, butt kicking, water spraying experience at PAX for the launch. We’ll share with you the technical, design and hardware challenges we overcame but also talk about the expectation that […]


What If? Making Your Game Narrative Dynamic

Monday 14th

Categories: Design By: Richard Rouse III, Paranoid Productions

For decades games of all types – from action-adventures to shooters to RPGs to strategy titles – have offered very dynamic experiences to players, with players able to succeed in many different ways. Shouldn’t our stories be just as dynamic as the rest of our games? This talk explores the strengths of games with changing […]


What is a pipeline and why should indies care?

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: David Baron, Nerdtron Interactive Matthew Doyle, Autodesk

Many indies question the idea of building a production pipeline in a small studio. Is it too expensive? Too creatively limiting? Will it require a specialized team? The tools and techniques available to game developers today make building your pipeline much easier than it appears. In this session we’ll cover how to build a pipeline […]


Why Outsourcing Doesn’t Work

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Stefan Baier, Streamline Studios

The redefining on an antiquated production method, in an industry that has matured past it. The future is about integrated partnerships that provide long term value, shared access and a common strategy.


Why the f$#k are you making games?

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Business and Marketing By: Jeff Hattem, Tuque Games

The barrier to entry into game development has never been lower. Newcomers now flood the dev scene across all genres and platforms. Some feel like we have entered a new gaming gold rush. Others have a more grim outlook, calling this era the Indiepocolypse. There are many reasons to want to make games – from […]


Why You Should Consider AWS for Your Game

Tuesday 15th

Categories: sponsored By: Greg McConnel, Amazon Web Services Jeremy Zigmond, Amazon Web Services

Game developers are constantly leveraging AWS in the creation, launch and on-going operation of successful games.  This talk will focus on some of the cloud-enabled services that AWS provides and how you can leverage them for your games.  As the game industry continues to migrate to more of a DevOps model, this talk reflects that […]


Why you should seriously consider Chile for game development in 2017

Tuesday 15th

Categories: Live demo By: Andres Constantinidis, VG Chile

Looking to outsource development of your next game project? Searching for great new games for your publishing portfolio? Find out what’s been cooking in Chile for the last few years and what resources are at hand. You’ll learn why it’s so convenient to work with developers in Chile and what exciting new business opportunities are […]